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Diving Against Debris

Since the first Project AWARE International Cleanup Day events in 1993, AWARE divers organized thousands of cleanups to protect underwater habitats and marine species. Cleanup dives from the past 28 years have been key in addressing debris issues on a global scale.

Table Rock Lake

The Table Rock Lake Cleanup is an event coordinated by White River Dive Company every September in conjunction with the Project AWARE Month of Action.  The event is about much more than picking up trash, however.  It’s a day for the southwest Missouri divers – and those from all over the mid-west – to demonstrate their desire for clean & healthy waterways.  It’s an opportunity to learn about conservation and to come together with your families, neighbors, and friends in being good stewards of our environment.


Project AWARE Foundation is a growing movement of scuba divers protecting the ocean planet – one dive at a time.


Over the past two decades of underwater conservation we’ve learned that divers are true leaders in ocean protection. We’re ocean heroes numbering in the millions across the globe. We believe together our actions will make a huge impact and will help to rescue the ocean.

positively affect real, long-term change in these two areas.



With new programs and more online resources than ever before, Project AWARE supports an unprecedented global movement of divers acting in their own communities to protect oceans and implement lasting change.


We’re focusing in on two major ocean issues –Sharks in Peril and Marine Debris, or trash in our ocean. Truly, there are many conservation issues converging on our ocean planet at once, but we’re concentrating on these serious problems where scuba divers are uniquely positioned to directly and positively affect real, long-term change in these two areas.


About the Program

Another way to help

The next time you take a PADI course help to support Project AWARE Foundation by choosing a Project AWARE version of your certification card. You can order one of these limited edition Project AWARE versions of your PADI certification card for a minimum donation of $10. These colorful collector cards are now available for new certifications or as a replacement card.

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